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Versuri Reflections
- Neuraxis

The science had consisted to destroy the elementary illusions from life,
doing materialy for men what faith can do for him.
Prosaicness reduces humans to automatons without souls,
symbol placed without power in arithmetic formula.
Candid efforts of humanity for materialism represents the tragedy
of a futile attempt to his own.. moral (and) intellectual.. suicide.

.. Vanity overruns the mind.

The fatalist agility of a secularized denied his sweeping statements that
the universe..
The erudite, only thinking about physical approach is afflicted
by mathematical arrogance and statistic selffishness.
Soul is the part of survival from the human experience.

Wisdom is the principal thing. (So) obtain comprehension.
Exalt your mind, it will guide you to honors.
Not a machine. A stagnant soul is a dying soul.
Music express the cadence of emotions.

Temporary dimension interposed.

Realities and values of progress are not psychological projections.
The mistake of immaturity; influence of ignorance.