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Versuri Fractionized
- Neuraxis

Intrepid forces of character fights hard proofs and reacts to disapointment.
Altruism brings disparity in each level.
Hope, nobility of trust. Confront the incertitude reborn.
Supreme assertion of thoughts who knows less that he can believe.
Rising in a world of falseness always possible.
Idealism of relative benevolence stimulate the irrepressible tendencies of
The value of devotion involve the danger of failure.
Impartial, the forgotten. Outcries egos.
Pleasure in a land of pain and suffering for satisfaction.

There's no freedom for intelligence.

Fallible to be free.

Delusioned decisions are sin -
Willness adopts conscious immoral intentions.
Gains status to ascension by faith and hope.

Suffering influences of primal conceptions of god.

Intellectual limits, restricted teaching (of) divinity.
Definitions of theology.


Cosmic security amorced by isolated calamity.

Submitted to rebellion on the sphere.
Volitive creatures who can believe without seeing.
Persevere in exile and then thriumph.