Broken glass - versuri Nerdie |
Broken glass - versuri Nerdie |
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Versuri Nerdie - Broken glass

Morning comes everytime,
lasting until the night.
And lately it's been hard to see,
reasons to get on my feet.

Searching some kind of light,
this tunnel is darker than night.
And I'm aching, I'm breaking inside,
but you can't see thru my smile.

Broken glass, under my bare feet, you are,
like a flame, that burns me from within.
Like a curse you haunt me in my dreams, you are
like an itch that's under my skin.

Now when people get close,
they feel the thorns of the rose.
I break' em, I tear them apart.
I'm cruel cuz you stole my heart.

Broken glass...

Now you're where i used to be,
feeling like i used to feel..
how does it feel?

Broken glass...

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