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Versuri Move with me
- Neneh Cherry

(n. cherry/c. mcvey/l. kravitz)
Into a world i plunge thru my headphones, escape into the streetlight
I begin to believe in destiny when my surroundings in rhythm with me
I'm just a grain of sand walking in a sea of people
I look around me and my name is just someone
For a moment in time i belong
Where my heart beats the fear is gone like destiny
So move with me i'm strong enough to be weak in your arms
Move with me i'm strong enough to be real in your arms.

Whispering as i was driving quietly the car was rolling like a bullet.

I was feeling the speed moving me faster. addicted to the rhythm on my ghetto blaster
That's me supposing that the clarity of thought
Is clear enough to think it's real enough to touch
The wind on me got me tripping can i keep you next to me
Till the end of the world.

Chorus x2.

Like the joker on the pile never coming or going
The colour of my true cards was showing
Keeping in touch with an idea that i been growing
Trust trust i must trust with my head on my chest
I rest with the rest of the restless.