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Versuri Break of dawn
- Nelson Freitas feat Richie Campbell

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Verse Nelson 1:
It's all about you,
Can't say I don't when I do,
Can't see myself without you,
I would be acting a fool,
I would be acting a fool,.

Hey mama,
Felling for your love, don't stop her,
Put that thing on me harder,
Hey mama,
You set the place on fire,
Got my thing raising higher.

Till the break of dawn
We'll be loving, we'll be touching,
We'll be rocking till the break of dawn,
Kissing on you, touching on you,
Ain't no stopping till the break of dawn.

Verse Nelson 2:
Overtime, I'm putting in overtime,
Just to keep that pretty smile upon your face,
Overdrive, engines running on overdrive,

And we are compatible,
Seems like you were built just form me.



Verse Richie:
Tell me so you miss me when me gone,
Be a dear,
Tell me so you want me,
Hold me on,
You cant believe every girl inna di world,
Could I never steal me cause you are the only one,
I win the deal, could you feel me soon,
Give me a data, I'll make you a soon,
Its all about you baby,
Let me say that you are not some best friend,
You and me forever will be done,
Till the break of dawn,
Baby let me climb by you,
Till the break of dawn,
Me never get a girl like you,
Till the break of dawn,
Balanced, aligned.