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Versuri Nelly - Wrap sumden'

Hey yo this is no lie-i-i
me nd my niggaz gettin' high-i-i
yo if you look up in the sky-i-i
you might see us floatin' by-i-i

You see biggie be like whats beef?
me i'm like whats weed
weed is actually a medicine 4 me
you know every 4 hours like a prescription i smoke
and i'm thankin' my refer chiefer for making me choke
i'm like one of those half baked thugz
i'm in love
then after that roll cool J's i need bud
cuz i still p***s stems
and still s***t seeds
i spit residue smoke on my way to buy weed
Wrap Sumden' always
i smoke more than cheech and chong
my best friends a bong and my homie's a smokaholic
i know one day i'm gon' stop
but that'll be the day that my seeds don'y pop
you see weed helps me get my thoughs together quick
but on the other hand, soon as i'm sober
i forget
s***t, i'm still stuck at point A ya dig?
and my momma think that i should quit


Yeah i get high
you might see me stroll by
in the bob marley tie-dye
with the red eye
i'm sick now
i think i'm catching glacoma
standin' on the corner looking for weed donars

you know how we do it kid
we get that good herb and swerve
till the gas run out
the way we smokes absured
That's my word, Wrap somethink'
make a nigga clap somethin'
get all mad and slap somethin'

Yo grab the towel cover the smoke alarms and doors
see i smoke alone i need grass like law mowers
see it's dutch time, roll up it's clutch time
when i burn mine
dont you ever ever touch mine

Fire'it up dawg
but watch out for 5-0
eyes low
from pinny hynny and hydro
f***k a bitch and some clothes
i gotta get rich go platinum
do some shows
and get blowed


All i know
is money makin' hoes and smokin' endo
if i wasn't high i'd probly know a lil' more
but since i dont some might consider me slow
dont worry though
i keep the pants sag
double? hands?
Eye's flash
smoke filled from the hash
chokin' after that but don't lt the blunt past me
what we doin' today? same s***t we did last week
wake up in the morning and yawn, and rool up
bag up and make some runs and rool up
5-0 behind me my nigga so hold up
ok made a left you continue to roll up
dont get me wrong police
yo, i stop for them
but gaurenteed, when they leave
i'll be smokin' again
catch my second win and start in on my next bag
the type of nigga smoke on the way to his rehab

CHORUS till fade

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