Tho dem wrappas - versuri Nelly |
Tho dem wrappas - versuri Nelly |
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Versuri Nelly - Tho dem wrappas

Uhh, I boss thru in a Hummer, Murphy the Don, Lizzie, Keyuan
With the best thunder than Sean John, you don't want none
Partna I gather up and leave their heads swollen up
On top of all that, I got the rap sewed up
Hold up, with the budda thumpin' niggaz quota
And just the teach a lesson, I put one in ya shoulder
I told ya, 'Tics live for the street life
Eat Right, F***k good, And reffer thru the Pipe
And give me head all night
And if its some beef, I pumpin lead on sight
until they deceased
I took ya head off right
I live in the Beast
Nigga, where the feds, play sheist
I still floss ice, keep it tight
E-very time, call me the Black Liberace when I'm playing mine
That's how I flow, I gotta get mine, partna, any way it go
Whether it be rapping or with the 4-4

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