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Versuri Nelly - Thicky thick girl

See now you could be a lady or a bitch now
Still, Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Lookin like a lolli-pop waitin for the lick girl
Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Remind me of my 6-4 waitin at the switch girl
Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Could be a crime that im waiting to commit girl?
Your thicky thicky thicky thick

Murphy Lee-
So basically I'm a joke right?
Look me in the eyes and tell me if you don't lie
When are you that shoes untied before you know it method
First step we getting naked, pants gone in 20 seconds
It's gettin hectic
Reckage is likea hoopty hittin shawns
But it seems im behind schedule with broad troubles twistin
& pullin
Im like shorty help me (come on)
Help me (please) don't blow my high, cause I'm too horny
She giggles and gives a horny smile...
so i take advantage
Kisses in gentle places tryin to get myself established
I'm comfortable, wanna be in that moe
With no control
Concentrating on my relay her every blow
Yo', I'm still cold
But cooler than 2 below
And now I got that wrong in the past You'll never know
Put my p****s in accurate
Just relaxing it
Now it's my time to party like the lunatics at an?


Now comes first like the front porch and the polo shirts
Skirts there they are thats the one cause Im far
From Average Lane with that "What's your name? " game
I'm stormin on your brain like a surgeon in the rain
Take the fame if can
Watch me wrap like saran
All up in this s***t now
You want me like a tan
Live in me like a van
In reverse that's the worst
Playa curse put up on me now
We spreadin on my hommies like a germ
Watch me turn into captain kill a hoe
Fill a hoe strong
Watch me last long like a penny broke many motels
i got a rich coupon
I'm doing dismounts on foutons
Comin out like Key won
I feel like ceramic in a hammoc
God damn it
Thats my words
Oohs and Aahs Slurred like a verb
Someone acting like an a*s like a metaphor
Now I'm headed for the highways
Selling me by's sideways


Selling s***t out to they ears
Hot tones and telephones
Just to get they bezzle home
Gonna watch my bedrock like flinstones
Son too strong
Try to smoke your sack is fatty sonic
Drive me nuts like planters
Harpin a nigga like offalana (swish)
I ban ya from the smoke house church
Who you think you f***n with?
Trying to play me like?
Pull some dumber and dumber s***t
Stomp me like a step show (grab ho)
Then i let go (throw) split
That a*s like g-strings up on these rat hoes
i pose as a threat
to hit any one of these niggas rats
Split some game and get them burnt
Gonna watch this tag team like free bird
Say the word
I be at rats with all my partners
Straight loungin with a pocket full of rubbers and have it
go make the announcment
Smoke like dynamite the good times
Want both girls like prime time
Want real highs and thick thighs take pride in my stylin
Head bustin you be drivin
Got 'em bangin the walls so hard te neighbors callin
Asking you whats

(Chorus) *begins*

Going on over there
Sounds like you guys are going CRAZY
Going going gone

(Chorus) x2

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