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Versuri Nelly - Splurge

You see the magazines and
Me on your TV screens and
You think you know me but you really dont (You dont even know)
But I, I'm feelin good about myself, so I, I splurge a lil' hell
You see the money and
The cars and diamonds and you
You think it make me but it really dont (It really really dont)
But I, I'm feelin good about myself, so I, I splurge a lil' hell

I think the time has come, for me to have some fun
I'm bout to peel back the top on y'all and let in the sun
What the f***k I done done, my mamma's only son
I went from slangin and bangin to yellin number one
I love my fans to death, until my last breath
Thats why when I perform I give until there's nothing left
No competition, my opposition gonna feel the pain
More complications, relationships ain't gonna be the same
Do they walk of fame, and all that it can bring
If they attracted to Nelly then who like Cornell Haynes
Im poppin collars from California to D. C.
Im in the VIP, Louis bottles and Hennessey
Im putting mileage on 20 inches and 23's
Im flippin out my keys, I'm flippin down the screens
Im bout to spread my wings, tryin to fulfill my dreams
With anything that I want, if I dont I got the means

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