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Versuri Nelly - Oh nelly

They said a country boy, came through and then - changed the game
If you what you got ain't hot then - check your flame
If what you spittin ain't hittin then - check your aim
Your record sales start to slip and then - Nelly to blame
Now who you know come through first time on the scene
No set-ups, no guest appearances in between
Ride like a nigga drinkin gasoline
I keep it hot, like my dirty down in New Orleans
The Rams won the Superbowl, bought myself a ring
Whether you sparkle or you bling, don't matter same thing
Thug drinkin mo', but Don the King
I'm gettin p***, with Tissy, Missy and Irene
Real close friends that like to try things
Me and my dirties we like to buy things
F***k around and give me a license to fly things
Look up in the sky and have a Nelly sighting, like

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