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Versuri Nelly - Luven me

Ay yo ma, how you doin, it's ya son now
And I picked up the mic and put the drugs down
Now I'm tryin to do some things that'll make you proud
Instead of everytime I call it's to bail me out
Oh why didn't I listen to things you used to tell me
Knowin that everything that you said would never fail me
Like 'they got plans for ya
Ain't nothin I can do when them laws get they hands on ya'
But I ain't listenin, even payin attention
I'm just tryna get mine
Takin advantage, you would get two jobs at the same time
Ungrateful, complainin about Nike and Polo signs
But you always come through, and what do I do
I wreck both ya cars, stole money from ya drawers
Sold dope out ya yard, stayed into with them laws
Tryin to pay you back for all the stress that I caused
And always be there to give you whatever you want

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