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Versuri Hands in the air (manos al aire)
- Nelly Furtado

Upload by : the_CRi5Ti|CR15T
Translated by : the_CRi5Ti|CR15T.

On September she is going to release her fourth studio album which will be first all-spanish one called "Mi Plan" (eng. "My Plan").
The single promotion this album is "Manos Al Aire" (eng. "Hands in the Air").

You, who loses control
by speaking in a loud voice,
hurt my heart.
I, try to listen,
but can't explain
this strange feeling.

You don't want to understand me.
And you tell me to shut up by saying how
I shouldn't be surprised
because that's the reality

of our love.

And I
Don't have weapons to confront you
I put my hands up, hands up in the air.
I only care about loving you
body and soul like it was yesterday.

You, who lost control,
allowed yourself to go
by the insecurity.
I, who have seen you grow,
can only imagine
that everything will change.

Today, even though everything's the same,
you tell me to shut up by telling me
that you have to dominate,
or it will be the end.

And I can't do this.