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Versuri Breath
- Nelly Furtado

trimise de AdapufoasaAdapufoasa.

Uh huh
Uh huh.

I'm alive, I can feel the blood rushin' thru my veins
And that's all I need to know, 'cause I'm not lookin' for a change
'cause I've got friends and enemies, But it just don't bother me,
'cause as long as I believe, I can breathe.

Huh, Metamorphis, Battle Axe fortress,
four hundred horse power, full moon, the sorceress,
Swollen Members and my girl N. F. The predator and the terminator
The track's called Breath
Why hurt 'em later? We can do so much damage now
Dump truck 'em when I hit 'em, so much garbage around
Yells, bells and whistles like carnival sounds
Phenomenal adrenaline from the words of my mouth.

(Mad Child)
How did Shane manage to rap with brain damage?
I'm back, remain famished and stacked
You're playing with a praying mantis
In fact, you gigantic, you sink like Titanic
Panic attack, act up an' I'm a Mack truck
Crashes a disaster, smash like master blaster
????? monster wants to stomp ya
Crushin' 'cause I'm vain, question never remains
Will tomorrow be the same?
Blood rushin' through my veins.

((Hook X2)).

I've known since before I knew how to
That we are all just born to do
What our deeper self says to do
Whether is be easier not to do
I've known since before I knew how to

That we are all just born to do
What our deeper self says to do
Whether is be easier no to do.

(Moka Only)
Yo, I'm servin' 'em out
I'm like a Krispy Kreme conveyer belt
With the synth notes swollen like your lymph nodes
You went from instru., to intro to in store
Coincidentally messin' up your mental state
We make your pens flow, the Civic Centre play
Me an' my kinfolk, attention, nobody can do it like your man Moke
My plans dope, in tracks and flow
I'm beautiful, that's fo sho.

The harmony queen, the decibel kings
Inevitable, we were born to do incredible things
I let it ring like freedom, swing letters from my jaw
26 in the mix an' we do it better than y'all.

(Mad Child)
I'm a Neanderthal, you're bound to fall
I'm born to ball, we warned you all, it's foreign to y'all
It's wonderful, the underworld, beautiful minds
Tryin' to keep it independent in recruitable times.

((Hook X2)).

(Moka Only)
We crashin' through you, feel the magnitude
What passion do inside of you
It has to do with how you do your thing, be true to only you
What Moka Only's tellin' you, is take your soul and talent to
The next plateau and balance who you tryin' to be, no time to lose.

((Hook X2))