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Versuri Nelly - Can? t let go

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(Jermaine Dupri:)
Yo, sh*t
I'm sick of this man
I can't even take no more
'Cause I hate the fact
That I love you so much
And you don't even understand
What this is doin' to me
Everytime I try to get away
I just can't let you go
You know what I'm sayin'?
I just can't let you go
I never ever
Wanna hurt you
I just wanna love ya
I just wanna s*x ya
I wanna give you
Everything you need
That you want
Just lay down
Let me love ya
All night long
I wanna live
I just wanna keep ya
When they saw me
They saw you
In the world is
Just me and my girl
Is how feel ya, and
The time party was right
DJ can play

We use to love and
Party not all we do
Is ____
If I turn myself
I don't want you
No more boy
I can't let you go

So much love and hurt
And hate, people skimin'
It was no us
Time and time I say
I'm gonna leave boy
I can't let you go

(Jermaine Dupri:)
This ain't funny man
You know what man
You ain't even got to wait
In the mornin' man
You can get ahead
In the night man
Ayyo clear, go rap
Go sh*t
Get out of here

Better day you gotta like me
But took now gonna fight me
You can walk away and say
I never gave everything
You want, that you need
Now we have do is all you
All night long
I don't wanna lay you
See you
With another brother
Lovin' you sayin'
Down the world
It's me and my girl
That's how we feel
We you think everything
It's real
But it really

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus
Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

(Jermaine Dupri:)
Got me walkin' around
Ready to snatch
Got me in around lookin'
For somebody to slap
Got me goin'
Goin' with no poor
Got me walkin'
Carry eight a day just call
Got me walkin'
By lil' stuff
Chin call lil' stuff
Gettin' lil' rough
The kiss make up
She wanna say what
She wanna, play down
She wanna constantly
Bring up sh*t, way back
I get to get about one
Watchin' the flip
Got me keep me to traffic
Try to get home quick
Got me talkin' to myself
And I hatin' this
Got me wonder
Why lie like I'm JD kiss
Got me in the place
I never thought I was see
Got me now wanna stay
Now wanna leave
Got me happy
Got me confused
Got me whishin'
I can givin' like
We used to

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

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