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Versuri Neil Sedaka - Sunny

Sunny, stay by me.

Rain used to fill my eyes
till I met you, Sunny.
You cleared my cloudy skies
pretty little Sunny.
You made the rain disappear,
it's just like magic when I hold you near.
Oh Sunny, stay by me.

I never wore a smile
till the day I found you.
Now all I do is smile
whenever I'm around you.
It's such a wonderful world,
say that you'll always be my sunshine girl.
Sunny stay by me.

My life was sad and lonely,
I never saw the sun.
But the very moment that I held you tight
I walked out of the darkness and into the light.

I love no one but you,
Sunny, please believe me.
Don't ever say we're through,
Sunny never leave me.
Promise you won't go away,
love me for ever as you do today.
Oh Sunny, stay by me.

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