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Versuri Midnight dream
- Neil Diamond

I'm sittin' on a mountain
Searchin' for an answer
Hopin' there's a chance
That she'll be comin' back to me
Midnight dream.

I'm waitin' on the mountain
Thinkin' I can find her
Maybe if I find her,
Here is where she'll want to be
Midnight dream.

I made my way down to Mexico
I spend a year travelin' 'cross the ocean
Without goin' anywhere
A hundred miles to the nearest phone
A thousand miles from a place called home
And all alone in my despair
I'd call you there
My midnight dream.

So I'm sittin' on a mountain
Lookin' 'cross a river
Needin' to be with her
More than I believed I'd be
Midnight dream.

I'm sittin' all alone now
Knowin' what I know now
Thought I'd be a teacher
But she would end up teachin' me
Midnight dream.

I know that I lost my way one night

But if you ask me
It don't seem right
To spend my life without you there
And so I climbed to the highest peak
Just hopin' somehow that I what I seek
Will somehow speak and you'll appear
My midnight dream.

Where are you, don't let go.

So I'm sittin' on a mountain
How can I explain it
I'm livin' with the pain of thinkin' how it
Still could be
Midnight dream.

Love is what I'm thinkin'
No two ways about it
Go too long without it,
Nothing really means a thing
Midnight dream.

But if you haven't decided yet
Might be the only chance we get
Let's don't forget 'bout you and me
I finally ended where I began
You see before you
The sorry soul, the lonely man
I've come to be
Please come to me
My midnight dream
Oh come to me
My midnight dream