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Versuri Warlock
- Nehëmah

I have drunk the smelly christian blood of one thousand pregnant women, twisted their
pitiful lifes and their souls in order to burst in the nothingness. All that I touch and
contemplate must slowly perish in suffering, I am the wizard born from a blazing coal,
inhabiting the tombs of the human kind!.. No prayer can save you, the nights are too
black for the angels, it's pointless to flee, I see where you are in the ravens'eyes, I will
shred your spirit, on your face shines the cadaveric reflection, this life breathes anguish,
soon the moon will light up the marble of your grave on which I will drop dispair flower..
the shining stars of heaven dye my icy eyes, my scorn for the mortals is rocked by the
angels cries! Ravens..