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Versuri Fine line
- Neeland

trimise de BabynelstarBabynelstar.

Being in a strip club watching her dance but we do more than dancing
I can see in her eyes we're on some deep, deep romance thing
Heaven knows I never found myself in a situation like this before
I'm looking at her she's looking at me were looking at the red velvet door.

But I got someone and I don't cheat on her and I'm sure you got a man
It's just sometimes your mind gets carried away you understand
She said no I don't and then she kissed me on the lips
I said oh lord how'd I get myself into this.

It's a fine line
It's a fine line
It's a fine line
It's a fine line
Yes it is, yes it is, yes it is
It's a fine line

Hey I just walked in the club and I see you got you game on
And I see you're looking kind a hot like you usually do
You new I'd be here and I knew you'd be here too
So left your girl at home why do you always go out without her on a Saturday night
Oh let me guess she's with the girls right, right, right
Ha, ha, lets see who be listen ‘cause she might find out tomorrow night on the phone
That hey when you weren't home you were here with me, with me, with me It's a fine line
You're looking really good
It's a fine line
I kinda wish I could
It's a fine line
So maybe I'm gonna try
It's a fine line
To cross that line
No, no you wouldn't dare, no, no you wouldn't dare, no, no you wouldn't dare
Call my house
Late last night
Talkin' s***t upset my wife
No you couldn't be tryin' to mess up my life.

So, I called you, you called me I just met you last night
So, she picked up the phone
She picked up the phone
So, she yelled at me oh girl you no that ain't right
So who are you to be callin' my home.

It's a fine line, no
It's a fine line, who are you to be callin' my home
It's a fine line three o'clock in the mornin' wakin' up my wife
It's a fine line who are you, who are you to be callin' my home