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Versuri The throne of souls possessed
- Necrophobic

Summoning the darkness
Enrich us thy inner secrets
Share your ancient wisdom
Arise from the hidden past.

Guide the path through storms of fire
Where angels lie devoured
In trust we speak thy name
This is the night of sins.

Let the flames caress our souls
Under the spell so divine.

Come forth the blackest prince
As the hymn is sung to thee
Bestow upon us the utter wrath
To be part of you, supreme.

Sworn to the darkside
Where to bathe in blasphemy
Gaining the entrance
To the seven gates of hell.

A paradise in flames
The bleeding of heaven
Visions of ruling demons
Upon the throne of souls possessed.

[Lead: M. H.]
[Lead: S. R.].

When the sun sets forever
And the mist is calling our names
Fall into eternal pleasure
When embraced by the angels of death.

Serpents crawl through our veins
We disgust the words of Christ
We deny the holy sign
Let the beast arise