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Versuri Necrophobic - Roots of heldrasill

Driven by an iron will
Driven by a ghostridden thrill
I cast myself into the unknown
to float away in the night

O, mighty forefather
Mystic Draugadrottin
Show me the path
down to Nifelhel

Guide me to the entrance
Guide me through the netherworlds
Down the roots of Heldrasill
Aah, it's so cold here

So this is the kingdom
The domain of the frozen great
There I can see the ancients
Gigantic hrimthursar

Through Elivagor that cross the sphere
A frozen river of giant tears
Through Helivagor, the white domain
The hrimthurs dwelling where Ymer reigns

O, Aurgelmer
Oceans made of blood
Mountains made of bones
and the earth is flesh
The moon is full
The sky is clear
The night is still
O, Aurgelmer

In the frozen empire
So far away
I travel over iceclothed mountains
Far away alone

I start to freeze
I start to shiver as my aura turns pale
Into second death
As I recieve the last kiss from Hel

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