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Versuri Father of creation
- Necrophobic

[Music: Parland]
[Lyrics: Parland].

Engraved on the altar
The name was written in blood
The sign of Lucifer's child
Creation of the unborn son
With inhuman force of evil
The bastard child was spawn
The crucifier of God and heaven
Satan's son was born.

The one to kill the holy lord
Crucifier of God and all holy creations
Father to son with Satan allied
The antichrist feared.

Entering the kingdom above
To destroy the empire of God
With the vision of father Satan
"See the flowing blood"
For God shall be crucified
And heaven shall be no more

With the crown of thorns BURN
Into the fires of pure blasphemy.

Consuming the angels of heaven
As the gates open wide
Time has come for the merciless revenge
The doomsday for the father of lies
Damnation awaits for the sinner
Trapped in a spell of no return
See the flames unholy
With disgrace in your soul you shall forever burn.

God, bleed for me
Now you are decieved
Die before my eyes.

With undefiled consciousness I kill your lord
Lead him to the hill of crucifixion
Feel the nails of pain through your flesh
The everlasting pain is your fate