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Versuri Demonic
- Necrophobic

A fading scent of grey
Keeps me from falling blind
Fear guides my way
Leaving the gate behind.

Darkness expands as it opens the eye
And I fall into endless depths
Trapped by evil I wait in delight
The venomous kiss of death.

Shadows demonic black
Carry my pale soul
Whispering hymns of sorrow
Through halls of tortured ghouls.

Where the bleeding sun is a forgotten sin
The moonlight casts its spell
And every step from the light so dim
Takes my soul closer to hell.

Await my demonic rebirth
For eternal evil I thirst.

Await my demonic return
By the flames in my eyes spellbound thou wilt burn.

[Lead: S. R.].

Night eternal dark
The sky is trembling black
The fear will be all yours
As death brings me back.

Dreamlike shadows keep the light behind
Like clouds embracing the moon
The beauty of death enchanting my mind
As I'm nearing thy burning throne.

Await my demonic return
As I open my eyes spellbound thou wilt burn.

[Faust invocation by Daemon Deggial]