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Versuri Cult of blood
- Necrophobic

Cut through my skin
Let my blood paint your face
In pleasure I scream
as my soul lies devoured.

The ultimate enchantment
A dimension beyond pain
Light the black candles
Darkened ceremony begins.

The cult of blood
The opening of hell has been done
The cult of blood
The hour of magic has begun.

Cast your black spells
Let me be possessed
Show me desire
Visions unholy revealed.

Engraved in my flesh
I bear the sign of thee
Embraced by the flames
The world beyond I see.

Carry me through the passage
Grant me the powers of darkness.

Floating through the sphere
where damnation breeds
Ruler of utter dark
Bless me, infernal majesty.

For the art of blood I live
The circle is closed
Eternal immortal
A bond made for him