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Versuri Circle of burned doves
- Necromantia

Innocence is payed in flesh
we lost our souls and loved ones
white as doves and red like blood
a living pyre for your god.

We have walked the paths
of the seven black Kami
we have cleansed ourselves
by torment pain and anguish.

9 days and 9 nights
riding the storms of Raiden
embracing the flames of Rinjin
calling the dreams of Kappa.

Through Shinto chants and Oni spells
with blades and hooks we tore our flesh

we glorified our suffering
and paved the way for Tengu.

O lord of thousand faces
and a million cruel ways
posses this vessel of your slave
fill it with strength and hatred.

I can see the blue-black flames
dancing around your aura
I can feel your inner rage
which paints your ki in scarlet.

Circle of burned doves
an ancient path of vengeance
circle of burned doves
a legacy of nightmares