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Versuri Necrodemon - Rape

It's late at night I broke into your house
Your all tied up with my cock in your mouth
Tell me w****, how does it feel?
I'm in your a*s and hard as steel
Your mind is lost, your body is raped
My perverse insanity drive to ravage, violate

There's no way out / There is no escape
Your victim to utter f***g rape!

How you wonder where your children are
Don't worry their watching getting psychologically scarred
I bet you wish your husband was here
He'd only look into my eyes and run in fear
The bastard we conceive I won't be his father
And when I'm through with you I'll have your daughter

There's no way out / There is no escape
Your victim to utter f***g rape!

Forever etched in your mind... this horrible scene
If not in reality... I haunt your dreams
Yours and your daughter's innocence... is forever lost
When you crossed the line... you paid the cost
Now I can only laugh... about your situation
Your grief and suffering... my satisfaction!

Now as I sit here in my cell
Ready to unleash my perverse Hell
Upon the woman who I obsess
Eternally, I'll be lusting for her flesh!

Lusting for her flesh!

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