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Versuri Necrodemon - Betraying christ

The praying hands now burn away as does the Christian cross
My demonic touch was the accelerant that made this your lethal loss
Beheaded messiah cast to the ground allowing my creatures to feed
Born of raging Hell's incendararies souls of ash we are demon breed

Our blackened sorcery, ravaging the heavens above
Throne of Christ now destroyed; it's the dawn of the Black Dove

Crushing the light / Betraying Christ

We foul being of old times lurk in dark forgotten parts of the world
Once unleashed and the congregation falls a heaven shall never be found
The ways of the light and the good, from these can nothing be gained
Halls of Christ engulfed by evil our Lord Satan Lucifer now ordained

Holy choir beaten to death, baptismal tub filled with their blood
Books of prayer ripped to shreds the organ now plays Satan's song

Crushing the light / Betraying Christ

Christianity is filling your mind with insanity
You've lost all grip on reality
I'll never understand this hypocrisy
And I'll never want to!

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