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Versuri Legio draconorum orkian
- Nazgul

Dum, exercitus Uruk devastat agres meridiane
Baazgor progressus exercitus nigrae pergit
Etiam in aeri, cum legione Orkianis, domini draconum.
Trux orcus equitat fulvum alatum.
Horridum squamis osseis emicantem flammas
Ex faucibus ardentibus praeentem multitudinibus
Draconis tegentibus spectaculum solis alis membranaceis.
Insputant ignem in vicis subiacentis ubi inantier
Gentae elficae incessunt scorpionibus, defendentes
A morte alata devastanteque urente omnia.
Invantier evocant in cavernis tum
Perfossis ab hobbit Kaltag ut vultures, dracones
Iniciunt in cuniculis subterraneis elicantes
Unguibus incolas pavidas laniatas monstruosis


While Uruk's army was ravaging the middle lands,
Baazgor's black armies raise up in the sky with
Orkian, dragons master.. a filthy ogre rides
A monstrous black winged horse.
Covered with bony plates, he vomited violent flames
From the hot jaws
An preceded a multitude of dragons with with
Membranous wings.
They spit fire on the below villages where the elfic
People try to find an escape uselessly,
They defend themselves from the winged death which
Burns anything she meets.
In vain they look for a shelter in the caves dug by
Kaltag's Hobbit since,
Like vultures, the dragons creep into the
Underground tunnels
Taking out the terrified habitants torn by the
Monstrous dragons.

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