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Versuri Elficidium
- Nazgul

Silva gravida est uligine sicut frons elforum qui
Percipiunt obscuram presentiam, statim murmur
Foliarum aperit veritatem.. duodecim hominum
Horribilium sine deo.
Terror serpit inter perturbatos elfos, qui non
Habent tempus fugiendi.
Monstra in iugula candida impetum faciunt
Laminis aspersis sanguinem concreto, stuprant
Honestas virgines ante earum filios, lacernat
Ventres elforum.
Igitur evanescunt cum strepitu inter arbores
Percussas pavore cum tropaeis funebribus..
Auriculis elficis.


The forest is full of dampness like the elve's
Face heads who perceive an obscure presence,
Suddenly a rustle of leaves shows the truth..
A dozen of abominable beings without god.
Panic spreads among the lost elves who have no
Time to escape..
The ogres threw themselves on their candid
Throats with blades soiled with blood,
They rape the virtuous women in front
Of their children
They tear the elderly's abdomens and smash
Men's head
They disappear noisily, among the horrified
Trees, with a macabre trophy..
Elfic ears.

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