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Versuri Charcharon (damnosus impetus)
- Nazgul

Terror serpit inter ordines orcorum
Silva ante eos incepit tremere
Sub terra gelida Charcharon procedebat
Contra eos dispelans transitu eius omnia res
Adesti cum omnia sua vi demum apparet..
Nigra maxima species vomens flammas
Coperta aculeorum incepit igni concremare
Configgere et vorare
Exercitus dehiscit
Orkian ruinosum equum conscendit
Educatus nanis in spelunca iam dudum
Figens in eius oculos gladius
Inundans sanguine inter ululatum belvae
Terram infra positam.


The wood in front of them starting to shiver
Under the cold ground a Charcharon proceeded toward them,
Eradicating everything at his passage.
Here he comes to reveal himself in all his power.
An enormous black figure, vomiting flames,
Covered by auculeses, starting to incinerate, transfix,
Tear to pieces,
The army flaked off.
Orkian, jumped on the back of the devastating steed,
Trained by dwarfs in the caves since hundreds of years,
Thrusting, into his eyes, his broadsword,
Flooding with blood the ground below between
The screams of the beast.

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