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Versuri Too young to die
- Nathan Grisdale

Story starts in a graveyard,
A fourteen year old girl committed suicide.
As the priest pronounces "Rest in Peace, "
Her mother breaks down in tears,
Her daddy just stares at the distant trees.

The strange thing is a week ago,
she was fine and you never would have known what happened.
So suddenly, now her family's thinking 'what could it be? '
They're asking round school "was she getting bullied?
Did she ever seem upset, did she ever seem worried?"
The search must go on,
The search must go on.

Fourteen years is a short life,
Too young to die.

Let's take it back four weeks ago,
She was having a hard time at school.
She was feeling low.
Waiting for home time,
Where she gets alone time.
And sits in her bedroom crying
Cuts off the phone line.

To show the bullies at school that she didn't care how her face looked.
The comments came rolling in: "You're ugly, you don't fit in."
This went on for two weeks; Too weeks the bullies just won't give in.

Fourteen years is a short life,
Too young to die.

Every night was the same.
Bulling going on like again.
None of this was her fault but she took the blame.
Everywhere that she goes, people are taking the mick out of her clothes.
And the way she talks and the way she walks.
The sadness inside of her grows.
It's all getting too much to bare.
There's no-one to talk to 'cause nobody cares.
She empties a bottle of pills.
Says her final prayers; "goodbye.".

Fourteen years is a short life,
Too young to die.