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Versuri Lovers
- Natalie Cole

(Lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers, everywhere).

Everywhere I go, in every face I see the sign of love.

Shining so brightly, its in the air, its everywhere, I can feel it in my bones.

People holding hands, making love, really, really getting it on.

I'm crazy 'bout lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere.

Yeah, yeah, lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere.

And everywhere I go I hear people say.

That they wouldn't mind checking it out, ah getting down.

Don't you know that life can be beautiful, life can be wonderful when you.

Can always have that special someone around, and I'm talking 'bout lovers, ooh.

Beautiful lovers, don't you know that there everywhere, lovers, beautiful lovers.

(Everywhere) everywhere, (everywhere) in the air (everywhere).

And if you like romancing and you don't want no dancing.

Then check this groove out baby you'll see.

It is the sweetest sugar that you'll ever taste.

You gotta chase those blues, get over 'em, don't stop now controlling 'em.

Then you'll find you're shaking 'em, get if all while you can, have a ball.

There's a feeling and its catching, look what's happenin'.

Take a trip, make it hip, cuz you'll dig it, ah Lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere.

Lovers, (scat), (lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere).

Ah lovers (scat), (lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere)