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Versuri Watch dem niggas
- Nas

They never realized, how real Nas, is so decisive
It's just the likeness, of Isrealites mist, that made me write this
A slight twist, of lime rhyme, be chasin down your prime time
Food for thought or rather mind wine
The Don Juan, features the freak s***, my thesis
on how we creep quick, f***n your wife that ain't so secret
It's mandatory - see that p***, they hand it to me
I got no game, it's just some bitches understand my story
There ain't no drama that my niggaz never handle for me
My gator brand is Maurry, walkin through rough land before me
where the snakes put a smile on they face, hopin and prayin I'm stuck
Scopin they lay in the cut, weighin my luck
Player haters play this in cell blocks and rock stages
Winkin at some females cops with cocked gauges
Really it's papers I'm addicted to, wasn't for rap then I'll be stickin you
The mag inside the triple goose
Face down on the floors, the routine
Don't want hear nobody blow steam, just cream or it's a smoke screen
Imagine that - that's why I hardly kick the braggin raps
I zone, to each his own and this ghetto inhabitant

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