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Money is my bitch - versuri Nas |

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Versuri Nas - Money is my bitch

I love you so much, dont never leave me, I wont let you leave

The ho turned me out, green eyes, had a crush on her
Since 5 years old, met her, fell in love wit her
I saved that ho cause she bring more hoes
She major yo, the way she left them other dudes cold
Heart-broken she walked right out of mad nigga's life
So when I bagged her up right, I had to make her my wife
And I aint gonna loose her like those other lames did
I keep a stash safe kid, when I proposed it made her face big
She keep me jigg, glorifying medallions
Got me in clothes made by Italians, feed me lobster and scallions
Watching her pile on my bed, her body feel stacked
She been around for years, know the hustlers, pimps, and macks
Bankers and diplomats
She the scratch on my back
Her c. r. e. a. m. I lust, now I got her I dont know how to act
When she not around, Im heated, bout' to lay somethin' flat
Know how to treat it, never take for granted, she got me trapped

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