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Versuri Nas - Favor for a favor

Yo Nas..
I don't think they wanna F***K with this
Gangsta s***.. fo' sho'
("Danger.. danger.. ")

Check it out
It's on, and once again I bring niggaz the rough
F***n with us, that get you m*********s touched
Hit in the darkest alleys, where the super sports Rally
Beatin up the block, leavin these m*********s shot
They ain't ready for the Nakamici
I flip this s***t like I'm Kamaneze
Now dey a m*********n see me
They try to breeze me, but I got niggaz in New York
comin kama-kize, sparkin this s***t that keep me off the heezee
Jay-Hovah, he with my man came over
to scoop me, blowin dukey, in the black Range Rover
Nasir, tell these m*********s what we came for
Tell these niggaz why we here

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