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Versuri Nas - Big things

[Verse 1]
Get yours nigga
Cuz Imma get mine
In due time
Everybody gotta shine
Get yours, I spray nines
I say this one time
The last time, I swear to ya'll
I'm from where
The dope fiends is at
And killas crawl
And snitches call police
All these niggas and street
Corners everybody's like
Smokin' m********a and
Snuffin' niggas in faces & startin' drama and
Shootin' niggas in cold blood, just kill 'em, so what
With the fo' pound go nuts
Betta slow up
Before you get your a*s on up
Nigga never gonna grow up
Drinkin' the Henney
But her know he gonna throw up
Tryin' to make crack sales
What it look like? The future for a black male
Don't want to make my momma cry
On a front page for a homicide
Fly whips, all I wanted to drive
Where chicks get blunted & ride
Do 105 in the fast lane
And a fast pace chasin' the papas
Spendin' chips on big chains
And the dimes that give brains
That was a 80's and 90's thing
Now I'm into big things

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