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Versuri Napalm Death - Everything in mono

trimise de LegionLegion.

Influx of static in a single
flat disorientating wave

Been impaired to become monaural
Unleash at the weekend
Thought I'd always sought
to indulge in every second

Creature of habit in cheerless
flat monotonous display

feel so squeezed
that I crave monoculture
Rotate around my periodic reset
Thought I'm disposed
to the joys of the haphazard
It's craved - monoculture

Behave and moderate and crave

Please, sabotage my route
Cast me far adrift
Should I exclusive myself, object!
Let's overturn the inappropriate
- I crave

Permissive and instinctive
Both wasted in safe zones
I want sensuousness to stun me
Not everything in mono
- I crave

I crave

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