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Versuri Nane - Reila

trimise de Lilium_GirlLilium_Girl.

From the time we met, how much have you hurt; how much have you supported?
In tough times, you, more than anyone else wanted to tell me
The truth burning your eyes
What are you thinking, when you keep still so silently
There's no need for a reason, you see
Just as long as I return you
More than me who was left behind, you who turned to nothing
I wonder how painful it is for you
Although nothing's begun
Although I haven't said these words to you
Where are you going?
Even though I try calling your name
This voice does not reach you
Open your eyes and laugh, and show me that it's a lie
Where shall we go tomorrow
Because you wish it, we'll go anywhere
As much as I think you're always like that
You'll always end up going somewhere
Leaving me behind alone again
I can't reach you anymore, I can't reach you anymore
Even though I finally met up with you
Everything I've endured turns into tears and overflows
The words I couldn't say
I'll sing them to you now
I love you more than anyone
I love you, I love you
The room in which we both were is still unlocked as it was, as if it's always been waiting for you
to return
I'll always wait, even though I know I'll see you open the door
Maybe you'll come back tomorrow

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