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Versuri N Sync - It's gonna be me

You might be hurt babe
That ain't no lie
You've seen them all come and go, oh
I remember you told me
That it made you believe in
No man, no cry
Maybe that's why

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody
Guess what
It's gonna be me

You've got no choice babe
But to move on n you know
There ain't no time to waste,
you're just too blind to see
in the end you know it's gonna be me and
You can't deny
So just tell me why


There comes a day
When I'll be the one
You'll see
It's gonna... gonna... gonna... gonna... gonna
it's gonna be me

All that I do
Is not enough for you
Don't wanna lose it
But I'm not like them
When finally (finally) you get to love
Guess what, guess what


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