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Versuri Sexercise
- N-Dubz

trimise de Crazy_Girl96Crazy_Girl96.

Yeah it's D A P's To The Y and it's time for some, look it's time for some excercise I mean s*xercise!.

I ain't On Buying you flowers I'm on getting you in the showers and s*xercising you for hours
Why use a bench press to work on my chest when I can work my hole body out just by having s*x.

Look I heard you love.. girl well I love your splits if we put both together we could do some s***t I'll leave looking like Arnold and you like Angelina.

Who The Hell is That?
Haven't You ever seen her?.

I'm a Dutty Mother Fu**er but I never trust a sign if I'm up here by myself I'll call fi-fi an Alice one side a so called girlfriend called rachel
(you love me)
I'm Still Tryna work on beeing faith,
So tell me what's your favorite position, me I like it from the behind like slow no kissing
Go with the course more cushin for the pushin' love it when I see the sweat start drippin'.

Let's s*xercise together (push push)
To Look,
Better than ever (Push push..)
-Rip off my shirt lif' up my skirt put it in, put it in
Let's s*xercise together (push push)
Over the leather (harder Harder)
-replay the song slip off my thong n' just stick it in.

You might think your pretty but the only thing that's pretty is your two front titties (shut up) ask izzy n lizze (what) I'm a cheeky little twat that's used to a slap (take that) my names Dapps and I was raised in flat.

Now will somebody tell me why first thing in the morning there's always something up that keeps my shorts from falling guess I can't help beeing horney it's so appaling tryin' p***s in the toilet when it's flying up my arm.

Nd I even got a name for it, I called it bobby says he gets more wash when he pumps doggy to him it don't matter if the girl is skinny or podgy as long as he gets the s*xercise hes so sorry.

So here we go again start bouncing up, down hard give it all you got I wanna hear you shouting.


D A P's To The Which Way Should We Do It Next?.

I say I trun you around so you can feel the full strech..


See I Was Born to be a desaster, but when I first came out they said my eye wouldn't come off the nurses arse, turned out lucky though cause god gave me a tool as long the might have left my umbillical cord it simple I'm a s*x coach master if it's lying down I'm a' take the bitch faster and if a teacher wear spandex best bend to whistle same as a rock but only there's is a missile.

Enough Wheres Natalie, we all wanna battery I swear you got her number you was with her last satarday I saw you on the block with her lips over your C**K I even tryed to get a peice but she just wernt lettin off now
I'll explain it in greeklish me akra me en greek me ataloy en englesh moratasarbale my manors are stinkish and I ain't no waglos avatoyry vaton ve a contostavlos.

[Chorus x2]
(ohh na na nowww)
Let's s*xcersise togther now to look better than ever yay [x2].

Ahhh Dippy Dippy Dippppyy What have you went and done? we left you in the studio for 3 hours and you come up with this..
Sexcersie? Tulisa will SLAP you when she hears this
Hahahah.. Are you maddass farellas
Na na!

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