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Versuri Outro
- N-Dubz

trimise de Crazy_Girl96Crazy_Girl96.

Sing along with me if you know the words it goes it goes,
Six Thirty in the morning I've arrived early from tour,
Step into the house I'm walking up the stairs,
1 step, 2 step, 3 step 4,
I'm on the second floor I'm opening the door,
I could not brace my self for what I saw,
Who's this woman in my bed?
"Names Shaniqua and what? "
Nah, get the hell off of my ba baby.

I dedicate this album to one man only,
To this day i remember everything you shown me,
I nearly come off the rails if it wasnt for you,
I would be dead or in jail,
I dedicate this album to him he's the reason why we did an n-dubz skin,
See the thigs we started off,
So now you see why we hadf to call this uncle B.

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