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Versuri Hang 'em high
- My Chemical Romance

Wait until it fades to black. Ride into the sunset.
Would I lie to you? Well, I've got something to say.
Grab your six gun from your back. Throttle the ignition.
Would I die for you? Well, here's your answer in spades.
Shotgun sinners, wild-eyed jokers. Got you in my sights.
Gun it while I'm holding on. After all is said and done.
Climb out from the pine box. Well, I'm asking you.
'Cause she's got nothing to say. The angels just cut out her tongue.
Call her Black Mariah.
Would I lie to you? That girl's not right in the brain.
Mass convulsions. Strike the choir. By the grace of god.
Gun it while I'm holding on, but don't stop if I fall. And don't look back.
Don't stop bury me and fade to black. She won't stop me put it down