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Versuri Mungo Jerry - Snakebite

I saw a little biker girl with long, long legs,
She gave me such a shiver like wet paint setting,
I was roaring like thunder on my cool motor bike,
Ooh baby, is there something that you like?

This way, that a-way, any kinda other way,
You want some loving it'll do just right,
Snakebite, snakebite, any time of day or night,
Give it to me honey, give me Snakebite.

It makes you wanna holler and it makes you wanna scream,
And at night it sure can make you satisfy a girl of seventeen,
You wanna tell your woman in the middle of the night,
Give her some of that snakebite.

Repeat Chorus:

Wild girls in their teens, dirty pictures, magazines,
Eeny meenie, skinny minnie,
Flesh shows, videos, something happens down below,
Feels right, outta sight, heavy metal Sanakebite.

Repeat Chorus:

There's something thrilling all the girls, giving them a buzz,
Drive them all crazy, man, just can't get enough,
How can violent lovers satisfy their appetite,
Give them some of your snakebite.

Repeat Chorus:

Makes you wanna holler, makes you wanna scream,
makes you wanna shout, gimme gimme gimme gimme....

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