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Versuri Morris - Boca linda

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Hey y'all, back in this crazy game,
We got a fresh new song,
It's your boy, Morris.
It feels so good to be back,
Yeah all ready now, we're ready to go,
Fly so high, we don't even know.

Strofa 1:
Another sunrise, another sunshine,
We'll be together, we'll never be apart,
Just say with me now, I wanna fall again,
In love with you.

Pre-refren: (2x)
In love with you, enamorada,
I fall for you, por tu mirada.

Refren: (2x)
La boca linda, y cara bonita,
La boca linda, si, tiene mi chica,
Con su sonrisa y con su mirada,
Creo que si es sa enamorada.

Strofa 2:
I wanna kiss your boca linda,
Every time when you need me I'll be there,
You need me my bonita,
I'm your lover I'm your plan.
Love is a game, let's walk in the rain,
Every other day I wanna sing,
Hope that you're in love with me,
All I wanna hear is claro que si.

Pre-refren: (2x)

Refren: (2x)

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