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Versuri Monks Of Doom - All in good time

Paint a picture, let it dry
Check your thoughts and speak now of us
Look how you worry, pacing all around the place
Feel now the intuition in the air
[dreaming] thoughts, they move us so well

It is a penny for your thoughts my boy
Tell me all that you know
You curious colorful creature, won't you show

From day to day
When you live and you wake
The... of tawdry...

Like a fatal mistake
Indecision is a razor
All in good time we throw our options out the window
All in good time we go driving off the road

Pain and fury, tension...
Balance, glory, triumph and pain
... the poetry of memory
You know that everything we had was real
Drifting away and still gaining speed

It is a quarter for your dream old man
Knowing all that you know
... the place the world has left you
Fighting for your hopes that fade away

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