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Versuri Match made in heaven
- Mohombi

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Verse 1:
You became mine on the first night,
We became lovers at first sight,
Funny how a blink of an eye can turn your life around,
Wanna spend every tomorrow,
With you baby nothing is impossible,
Fly you to the moon at the front row,
There's no limit, let's go.

Sometimes we simply fall out,
But that don't change the fact,
I'm tied to your love like heaven's chains,

If you go, I go,
You stay, I stay,
When you cry I'll try to put a smile on your face,
If you fall, we fall,
I will hear you call,
Always know that baby I am yours and you're mine, mine, mine,
We're a match made in heaven,

Mine, mine, mine,
We're a match made in heaven.

Verse 2:
People turn around when we walk by,
You is so fly from a bird's eye,
We got the whole universe on our side from the very first night,
Every day we do is a love scene,
We were born February the 14th,
Baby you're the reason why I'm falling,
Never felt so right.



When it's written in the stars,
There's nothing that can take our love apart,
You were sent from up above,
That's the reason you beat in my heart,
Oh baby!.


We're a match made in heaven (2x)