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Versuri Witchqueen of eldorado
- Modern Talking

trimise de EvelynneEvelynne.

A heart of gold, and she's alone
Garden Eden is her home
She's like a storm, she's like a star
You think she's Near, but she's so far
She's like the sun in wintertime
She's hard to find.

She's the witchqueen of Eldorado
High on the mountain, heya heya heya hoh

For the freedom in Eldorado
She's the fountain, heya heya heya hoh
She's the witchqueen of Eldorado
Lady of fire - heya heya heya heya hoh
And she's fighting for Eldorado
With her desire - heya heya heya heya hoh.

She's justified in wounded knee
Some lies are true, oh can't you see
Follow the sun and you will find
A secret room, just in your mind
Let's make this world a better place
For the human race.

Dreams are flying like an eagle
To the orinoco flow
From the desert of Eldorado
To the east-coast, yes I know