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Versuri Sweet little sheila
- Modern Talking

Modern Talking
» Sweet Little Sheila.

Oh Sheil
Watch good love go back
Smoke from a distance
Fire burnin' me
Oh, babe, the heaven can't wait
I need this hints
I'm feeling my heart is appealing
Sweet little Sheila
Do you? Do you really want me?

Sophisticated lady want me
Sweet little Sheila
Do you? Do you really love me?
She's a different baby to me
I only want Sheila
Oh my Sheila
Oh, she's specious
Like the sun
I only want Sheila
Oh, my Sheila
She's drunk, she's foolish
And most fun
Oh, babe
The promise you made
Be careful they've got stones that you're afraid
Oh, babe
Don't say it's too late
Words can't express my feelings being