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Versuri Heaven will know
- Modern Talking

trimise de Lili81Lili81.

When I'm down, feeling blue.

I close my eyes, oh just to be with you.

I'm a dreamer and you know.

You're my woman and I'll never go.

God put an angel here on earth.

Who gave me more than all I'm worth.

You're my angel in the night.

In the darkness you're the light.

Heaven will know, oh heaven will know.

My love will grow baby.

Heaven will know.

That I need you so.

I can't say - goodbye lady.

Heaven will know.

That I'll never let go.

And I'm stay untill my heart stand still.

No matter what baby.

Feel what you want.

Heaven sent me an angel.

Heaven sent me a star...

And it's more - than a passing phase.

And it's more - than a good night's day's.

And it's more - than you'll ever know.

And you'll never be alone...