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Versuri Miley Cyrus - Obssesed

trimise de Mary_Y_KayaMary_Y_Kaya.

Why do i just lye awake and think of you
I need some sleep
Tomorrow i have things to do
Everytime i close my eyes i see your face
So i try to read
But all i do is lose my place

Am i obsessed with you
I do my best not to want you
But I do all the time
I do all the time

I just had to call you up and say hello
I know it's 3 a. m
And i saw you a while ago
But i still have this aching pain to hear your voice
To know your there
I don't seem to have any choice

(CHORUS) ooo yeh

I'm so sorry i just had to wake you up
I feel so lonely by myself
Is this the way it feels when your in love
Or is it something else

(CHORUS) ooo yeh
But i do all the time
Want you all the time
Am i obsessed with you

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