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Versuri Miley Cyrus - Mixed up (amesteca-le)

trimise de IloveenriqueIloveenrique.

How come everything turns out
Leaving me with more doubts
I feel like im upside down
And i dont wanna be here
I go right, shoulda gone left
And i say things i should of not said
Look at me in this big mess
I dont wanna be here

Everything i do
Is making me more confused
Oh it used to be easy
All i had to be was me
Not mixed up
Everywhere i go
Somewhere that i dont know
Oh im hoping that im dreaming
Cus im sick of this feeling
Im mixed up
Somebody help me

Tell me how to fix this
Id trade my world for one wish
To go back to my other life


To hold me, To tell me
Everything is gonna be okay
Cus today it feels like
I wont make it to the top now
Dont know how to get outta this
So mixed up
Somebody help me


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